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Flossmore3.Flossmore4This was mom’s 60th birthday.  Her siblings, her children and grandchildren were all present.  As I drew her I had to glance every now and then around the room at the grandchildren to remind myself that this glamorous woman might actually be sixty.  The main organizer was one of her daughters, shown here with her boyfriend.

Flossmore2.I had wonderful chats with the people who sat for me.  One person, however, stole the show—for me, at least.  She was a supremely intelligent and poised women, who worked as the chief of staff for one of the state representatives in that area.  As such, she explained to me, she had all the power without any of the discomforts that accompany fame. Did she herself have any political ambitions?  Oh, no, she said, this was the perfect job. Too bad, I would vote for her at the drop of an elegant pair of heels.

We called her husband over to pose, which he did in good upstaged humor.  In my drawing he all but vanishes behind his wife’s self-assured charisma.  I stammered a helpless apology.  Don’t worry, the chief said, he’s used to it.


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