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Time to celebrate.  A grandson graduated last month, a daughter was in town from Colorado, somebody has a birthday in a couple of weeks, it’s the middle summer, what more do you need…let’s get together and celebrate.  Celebrate what?  Celebrate this family!!

I was set up in a spacious backyard in Prospect Heights. You can tell from the drawings that the pace was leisurely and chatting with my subjects got, well, chatty and funny.  My hostess—the lady with the hat, above—was delighted that I drew her with a microphone.  We had been talking about her singing career and our favorite sopranos.


How did she find me?  A few years ago I drew caricatures at a nursing home party where her mother was a resident.  The line, she reminded me, was long and people loved the drawings.  She kept my card. Voila!

Thank you, Micky!

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