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The Ruth Lake Country Club in Hinsdale hosted a Ladies Invitational yesterday. Tee-off was at noon.  As the members and RuthLake2their guests came in between ten and noon, they socialized, snacked and, ta-tah, sat for a caricature.  They were a fun bunch, relaxed and to a tee, in good humor.  Such an ambiance makes for good caricatures.  The marker just flows.

When I had a foursome, I looked at everyone, decided on the sequence in which I would draw them and then everyone took turns sitting in front of me.  Goes very fast, about a minute for the face.  Then I tucked the line drawing away and finished the drawing with bodies and color later.  The ladies liked that. You know how athletes are, they don’t like to sit still very long.

After four hours on the links, they came back to the locker room to freshen up a bit (it was a hot and humid afternoon) and relax over hors d’oeuvres and chardonnays.  This was another opportunity to get your caricature drawn.

I thoroughly enjoyed this day.  What a congenial group they were! Lot’s of easy-going humor.


The tongue? I didn’t have to make that up!

Thank you, Jan.

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It was Lauren’s fifth birthday and mom spared no expense:  scrumptious food, DJ, photographer, dancing performers,  pinkpinkpink, and that famous caricaturist, Whatsername, from Evanston.

We’re in Milwaukee, at the Nigerian Conference Center, way up on Appleton at Hampton.


Most of the kids were in Lauren’s age group or a bit older.  One self-confident little girl after another sat down in front of me to be drawn.  What a pleasure to meet these poised, lovely children!  You can see from the drawings that I really liked their style and good humor.  (Notice the tongue!)

Thank you, Jadae.

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