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This is the bridal couple from that Halloween Wedding I did on, well, Halloween last year.
I didn’t get a chance to draw them at the party, so I drew them later, from photos. They had changed from their formal wedding attire into costumes, their theme being Saturday Night Fever.
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This fabulous wedding was held on October 31st—Halloween–in a Hallow2formal banquet hall in Homer Glen. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about the combination Wedding+Halloween, but all my doubts were dispelled the moment I walked into the high-ceiling room: black table clothes, black-covered banquet chairs with gleaming orange satin bows, orange spot lights running up the high walls. The bride and groom had changed from their formal, conventional wedding attire into Saturday Night Fever threads and did a lovely lead dance to the Bee-Gees. The guests were dressed UP in elegant theatrical costumes. I drew everything from Bonnie & Clyde to Tutankhamen to Cleopatra & Her Penguin Escort to an assortment of exquisitely painted sculls. Really, this was not a trick-or-treat crowd. People had flown in from the coasts and given a lot of thought to their presentation, and were willing to pay for it. So, lesson learned, if you know your friends and they’re as imaginative as you are, go ahead, have a Halloween Wedding! Oh, and have me as the caricaturist.

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.

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