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DOG2The people at Tails of Hope in Highland Park rescue dogs from cruel owners and bad situations, rehabilitate them and then try to find good homes for them. Last Saturday, The Grand, a supermarket on Green Bay Road in Winnetka, hosted an Adopt-a-Palooza in their parking lot. I was set up under an umbrella and had the pleasure of drawing dogs with their “persons” in close harmony. The dogs, of course, ran the show. To depict the communication and closeness between person and dog, I drew the person imitating the dog’s posture of obedience. The tongue had to hang out. This is fun to draw! Many people didn’t come with their dog and asked me to work from a photo on their smartphone, which they proudly presented. This I can do and the work was well received and with much laughter. After all, true dog lovers think their dogs are funny.  Thank you, David!
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