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Last night I spent three hours at the Hard Rock Café, under a photo of Elvis.  Across the room was a framed jacket from Ray Charles’s elegant wardrobe.  The food looked smart, but I only had time to sneak some chocolate fudge squares from the desert table before the drawing started and then there was no stopping.  This was a party for party planners.  It was networking for networking professionals.  It was fun for people who organize fun.  And here comes the plug:  the caricaturist they chose for themselves was…me.   Ta-tah!  Thank you, thank you!  I drew them funny and they in turn will have me at their next party.    There’s a funny sort of logic in that. Works for me.   Seriously, it was a blast.  The photos don’t do justice to the energy in that room.  (“Energy” is definitely a party planners’ word.)

Lovely people.  They’re concerned with  ambiance, feeling, style,  the memorable moment; but at the same time tradition, decorum, appropriateness;  and on top of all that… details, details, details.  Pretty complicated job.  The whole ball o’ wax, without any dripping, please.

BTW,   has anyone made a camera that can read a big white rectangle surrounded by a spot of beaming flesh and lots of nightlife darkness?  Oh, tell me, somebody, what would that be?

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