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inmotionnow1When I draw colleagues, I love to talk shop. Here’s a graphic designer who asked me about the markers I use. I told him that my favorite marker is by Utrecht. It has the best nib on the market. I let Peter try it out. I love my work and people who love their work are always good company and fun to draw.
I spent three days drawing designers at the Design Now Show at the Hyatt. The show was about graphic design innovations and challenges. The company that had me “drawing in” the attendees was InMotionNow, a firm that designs apps for managing the design process. Their slogan is “Do the work you love. Automate the rest.” I inmotionnow2was set up in their booth and drew the curious stoppers-by. By drawing them, I drew them in. Works every time. People love to sit down—oh, I get to sit down!—and get a caricature of themselves. While this happens, they’re a captive audience and the sales person can pour out his/her charm. Then the drawing (in a clear plastic sleeve) acts as advertisement for, in this case, InMotionNow. How simple, how effective!


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