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Golden birthday banners keep wafting over my drawing board these days.  Don’t mind at all.  It’s a pleasure.

Dad fought at Iwo Jima in WWII.  He worked as a mailman.  He was a Bears fan way back when they played at Wrigley Field in the 50’s.  He has been a devoted Cubs fan all his life.  Now he likes to sit in his recliner and watch Wheel of Fortune.  How should I draw him?  Certainly not sitting in a chair.  I suggested that we go with the Cubs,  that we remind him of his energetic days.  Play ball!

When he sees this picture he will crack up.  He will notice his lean butt on the picture, his muscular calves, his smirk, his self-assurance in the picture and, of course, the fact that he hit that ball –like nothing.  He will laugh out loud, his arteries will dilate and he’ll experience a moment that no gift-wrapped flannel shirt can give him.  This is what makes the art of caricature unique. It really is a pleasure to be in this business.

Happy Birthday, Frank!

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