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The Bachelorette Party seems to be a sophisticated idea. I say that because the only bachelorette parties I’ve done have had highly educated, chic women in them.  This one, bachelorette2at Brimfield, had a couple of MD’s and a pilot, for example, plus an assortment of teachers and financial advisors.  Ok, enough with the sociology notes.  You can see from the pictures, that they were also very beautiful.  As for the chic part, going with the Great Gatsby theme, brings out the radiance in women.  And the hilarity!  Nothing like an all-girl party for hilarity!

Brimfield, btw, is a store on Clark near Bryn Mawr for antique hunters and decorators.  bachelorettesceneThey have a party room upstairs.  Not to be missed!


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I was greeted by two badger hounds named Gatsby and Daisy.  One of the walls of the apartment’s living room was painted orange.  The art didn’t take anything for granted, demanded interpretation.  I loved this pad. The conversation was very University of Chicago, where most of the seven friends attended. Lots of primatology talk and enthusiasm about photographing whales.  The mother of the bride had arranged all this with me from Akron, Ohio. Why not, piece o’ cake!   Thank you,  Donna.

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