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The caption for this drawing could be, “We made up at the Beet Street Fair.”  When they first sat down in front of me they were nasty, nasty-funny.  About nothing in particular, it was a general stand off, as in “are we breaking up or are we getting together again.”  They told me that this on-and-off is how it goes with them, they love each other but always fight.  You can see, I got some of the growl and the I’m-not-talkin’-to-you in the drawing.  By the time the drawing was done, in about eight or ten minutes, their mood had warmed up to something close to happy.   What is it about caricatures?  Or was it the October sweetness in the air?  Or just plain Milwaukee?


In mid-October Goodkind and two other bar/eateries put together this big street fair in the Bayview neighborhood of Milwaukee.  It was a delight!  What is it about Milwaukee?  Every time I drive up there for a gig I come back wondering why I like those people so much.  They’re at ease, funny, self-confident and good-looking.  They can be stylish-edgy; when they show up in un-repentant hippie overalls, they come across as ironic, still stylish-edgy.  Mind you, I’m not fishing for more gigs up in Milwaukee…it’s a long drive.  But still, what is it about Milwaukee?

I enjoyed everyone who sat for me that glowing October afternoon.  I have the pictures to prove that the pleasure was mutual. Here’s documentation of a few of the more riotous moments. More in the next post.

streetfair2 streetfair2a streetfair3 streetfair3a streetfair4 streetfair4a streetfair5 streetfair5a streetfair6 streetfair6a


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