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This woman was a descendant of Benjamin Harrison. She was tall and poised…until she lost it, as you can see.

It was the evening of July 4th.  I drove straight from the Benjamin Harrison mansion (see previous post) to Milton, KY for an  wedding reception.  When I told a couple of people at the Harrison’s Fourth of July picnic that I was drawing at a wedding that evening, they said, “Good day for a wedding. They’ll have fireworks on all their anniversaries.”

This Fourth had me going from one enormous mansion to another, if not directly in the mansions, then at least the expansive grounds. The wedding tent with the band and diners was not far from the banks of the mighty Ohio.  This fabulous setting, picturesque in every direction, had no doubt been carefully chosen by the bride and groom.

The bride asked that I work black & white to maximize the number of guests that could get drawn.  B/w is actually quite elegant and suitable to weddings and other “up” occasions.

Thank you, Allie!

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The sun was turning in, as you can see, but the hilarity remained at full volume.


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