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On my favorite holiday I get to do my favorite thing under a white tent on the village green in Glencoe.  Yeah!  And I get to work in color on this colorful day!  Thank you, Robin.

As you can see,  I drew mostly kids.  You can also see by their reaction to the drawing that they knew what a caricature is.   Sometimes I hear parents explaining to their kids that a caricature is a cartoon of you.  Not here.  Everybody here knew the difference.  So, let me make one thing perfectly clear (hmmm): a caricature is not a cartoon.

Glencoe2I enjoyed drawing the sophisticated kids there in Glencoe, but on this post I’m leading with the picture of a new dad with his ten-week old daughter…because it’s so funny.  The reason it’s funny is that I drew him as the opposite of what he actually was.   He was totally devoted to this baby, very attentive and a virtuoso with the pacifier.  To make this point, I drew him as just the opposite–overwhelmed and confused.  You know, how you sometimes express the opposite of how you actually feel?  That’s it.  It’s called irony.

He and I chatted about how calm and alert the baby was.  Well, no wonder, with a dad like that. We also agreed that she completely upstaged him.  He was in a supporting role and she was the star. And he wanted it that way.  Lucky little girl.  That’s why I drew her so big and solid.

It was a great Fourth!———————————————————-



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The colleague who commissioned the drawing later told me that the officer cried tears of joy when she received this. It’s very rewarding for me to hear comments like that. A successful caricature is full of insight and the recipient should instantly feel understood and connected.

Thank you, Cindy.

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.




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