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14Merrilville3aaMerrillville, IN is the place to see and be seen.  Well, the seeing isn’t so much, haha, but to be seen, 14Merrilville3bdefinitely.  Especially if you get to participate in the royal pageantry at the Radisson’s Mardi Gras.  Who knew, Merrillville, IN!

I did this event last year and was called back again. This is a bash to honor all the people at the Methodist Hospital who raised gobs of money for the institution.  The folks who bring in the most get to be king and queen, with crowns and golden trains several yards long.  They are followed by princes in cutaways and white tie, and princesses, with coronets and cover-up-girl-you’ll-catch-a-cold decolletage.

14MerrilvilleRoyalsThis is the most elaborate event I do all year, verily.  Light fixtures and plants—all in the most exotic balloon shapes imaginable.  Even a castle wall made out of balloons!  Next year, I expect to see a draw bridge made of balloons.

14MerrilvilleRafaelAThe best part, of course, is the people, all game for anything.  You can tell, by the expanse of flesh I show 14MerrilvilleRafaelBin my drawings of them.  I drew twenty-six people in full color, in three hours and with much jovial conversation.  Thank you again, Rafael! And next year I just may put pants on you.  May!  It can go both ways, you know.

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14Merrilville1a 14Merrilville1c



And now the king and queen with their long  trains and  royal retinue.14MerrilvilleKingQueen14MerrilvilleTrains

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