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Because it was Marc Anthony’s thirteenth birthday, he got his caricature in color.  I drew everybody else—and 13Pesche14that would be nineteen others ( in an-hour-and-a-half)—in black/white.  Let me take this opportunity to contrast and compare.  A line drawing (black/white) has all the humor, expression and likeness that a color drawing has.  It is not inferior to a color drawing.  In fact, I would say, a line drawing is more elegant than a color drawing.  But then, elegance-shmelegance.  It’s a caricature!  So, now I’m going to contradict everything I said before.  A caricature in color 13Pesche13has that extra kick.  The humor and expression really are heightened by color:  blue eyes become BLUE, blond hair becomes BLOND, lips will be PINK or RED!  Etc.  The grass is always greener…in a color.   I like working equally well in black/white and color.  At a party, when the guest of honor gets the color drawing and everybody else gets the line drawing, the guests are gracious about this decision on the part of the parent/host.  Nobody has ever complained about getting 13Pesche13b

“only” black/white.  Because– now we’re back to the beginning–black/white is just as good as color. The choice is always yours.

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