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You can do Christmas at home with your family, but it’s also a time to be swept up in a larger social radius. We were in the Riverside2gym, which is a surprisingly grand space, what with the high cathedral trussed ceiling and the stage for the needed celebratory focus. From a corner of this stage we heard Christmas carols in four-part harmony sung by pros in Dickensian Garb. The other side of the stage held the glittering tree and gorgeously wrapped gift boxes. People enjoyed a fine meal in the company of old and new friends. And, of course, there was a balloon twister and me, the caricaturist. This was truly festive! Thank you, Teresa.
Bob Hunt was the balloon twister this evening, but you can see bits of his astounding acrobatic performance at

and you can reach him at circusbobus@yahoo.com
At this party I saw the best Santa ever:

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We’re AT not ON Bourbon Street. It’s a huge eatery-entertainment complex in the Marionette Shopping Center on 155th Street.  The South Shore Humane Society was hosting an 13HumaneSociety10animal adoption party earlier this month and I was there for five hours to draw the kind people who came.  People did walk around with dogs wearing “adopt me” bandannas and I drew some, but the adoption activity was centered in another room and so I ended up drawing mostly people.  Here are a few of the many I drew that afternoon.  Thank you, Jana!  I hope to be back next year.



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I can highly recommend two fellow entertainers at this event:Nick Connell, balloon twister : nick.balloons@gmail.com, 860-992-6967

Bob Hunt, juggler, stiltwalker, etc.: circusboy.com, 708-499-9880.  His interaction with the audience was wonderful, especially with the kids.  Here’s nine-year-old, Terry, who picked up some excellent juggling tips from the master.

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