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13VictoryMelrosePk1bAt a retirement home it can take a while for the party to get into full swing.  At the Christmas party last Friday  at the Victory Center in Melrose Park things got lively very quickly, though.  At first the DJ played Christmas carols and folks softly sang along.  But he also came with a Karaoke machine and that got plugged in very soon.  Some staff members obviously had musical and theatrical backgrounds because the singing was 13VictoryMelrosePk1quite good.  So, it was the Karaoke singing and me, the caricaturist, by the Christmas tree—a wonderful  atmosphere.  When I draw at retirement and extended care homes, I feel justified in considering my work therapeutic. Can’t measure it, don’t have any statistics, but I can see the happy effect.

Among the people I drew was  the retired TV clown, called T-Bone, who gave me a five dollar banknote with his picture and name on it: Don Theobald.  I drew kids and grandkids and a couple who met at this retirement home and became lovers there.  All in all, an inspiring evening, I would say.  Thank you,        Jeanette and Barbara!

For T-Bone the clown, http://www.pathwaysl.com/blog/t-bone-clown%E2%80%99s-magic-retirement






































































































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