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Ella made her First Communion last Saturday and her brother Declan would have his Confirmation the next day. Time for celebration! It was an open house for classmates and their families. I drew lots of bright seven-year-old girls in white dresses and gloves, and floral wreaths on their lovely heads. Uncles and aunts had flown in from the coasts. It was quite festive, exiting and informal at the same time. I was set up near the stair well which was illuminated by sky lights two stories above me. Spectacular. Why can’t all houses have sky lights?!! I drew twenty-nine people in three-and-a-half hours, most of them in color.  Thank you, Bridget.
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It’s always a pleasure to draw people who’ve known each other since childhood and whose children are now going to school together.  Everybody is comfortable with everybody.  Everybody dresses in whatever, from blazers and ties to jeans and sweatshirts.  Lots of laughing and the humor is easy.

The tables had themes that any of us would like to be reminded of:  courage, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and wonder.


Congratulations, Riley.


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