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Henry’s Swing Club on Hubbard near the Wrigley really is a jumpin’ place. Hubbart2It’s spacious and offers pool tables and darts. It was rented for the evening by a national consulting firm and, you know, that’s a sophisticated, world-wise bunch. They hired me, of course, to draw them funny. I enjoyed their company enormously and, as you can see, they loved my work. Oh, and did I mention, they were also an exceptionally good looking bunch. Still, I did a number on them, haha. Hey, it’s in my job-description. Thank you, Erin.
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And why not?!  It gets pretty crazy in December, we all know that.  It’s now quite common for corporate holiday parties to 13BkConsWoman2be held in January.  After all, what’s another month or two.

We were at the Green Door Tavern in the heart of River North, in the Speakeasy downstairs, a perfect venue for a consulting firm of twenty to thirty employees. Thank you, Lori!

I shared the honor of entertaining these smart, witty people with a magician/mentalist named Mike O’Donnell and I was as dazzled by his seamless performance as every one else present.

You can find Mike O’Donnell at magicofmike.com.  Highly recommended!—————————————————



For some reason I was inspired to draw tattoos of wife’s names that evening, maybe because of the murals and signs all around me at the Speakeasy. Next I want to show two drawings that have a lot of spunk, I think,  even though my camera didn’t get the mug shots of the original people. It was a two hour party and I drew everybody, totally energized by this crowd.



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