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I’ve been trying to understand the cleavage craze.  Statistically, 49% of babies born worldwide at any time are male and 51% are female.  But for some mysterious reason, we live at a time when the balance is even more lopsided and the theory goes, therefore, women feel more sexually competitive.  Another theory says that the exposed midriff lasted for a short time and then the exposure craze moved north, so to speak.

Whatever the explanation, girlfriend, the look is way retro.  Like a hundred, a hundred fifty and even  two hundred years.  Remember powdered wigs?  Hooped skirts?  Whale bone corsets? That’s the period your fantasy is working in now.
For a caricaturist, this is great stuff.  Pure theater.  When your cleavage cleaves more than five inches, girlfriend, you’re on stage, in a play. Stepping out of the house always involves some role playing, but when you go to a party and you can’t sit down because of the corset that pushes your bosom up like a shelf and you ask me to feel how solid this structure is, then we’re talking major theater, like from the late 19th century.  France, maybe.  A farce at the Folie Bergere, let’s say.  I’m a big theater fan and the theatricality of cleavage gives me lots to work with.  The fact that people shriek with laughter when they see these drawings tells us that the craze is just that. It’s lasted a short enough time to be still shocking and will be replaced by another fashion craze before long.

Sometimes cleavage is the main event.  Sometimes it’s the southward sliding part of a tube thing that’s sliding northward at the bottom, a so called skirt, which looks like there wasn’t time to get fully dressed before rushing to this much anticipated party. All this is great for an artist. We’ve studied anatomy, you know, and welcome the opportunity to strut our stuff, too.




























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