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Crown6The Crown Picnic really is the crown of picnics.

I’ve been doing his picnic for many years and have posted about the most recent years. For the low down on my in-group there at the farm in Wauconda, see


I draw new people every year.  But the regulars always want one more drawing for their collection: Peter, Carla, Joan, Fred, Sherrie, Susan, Paul and Bridget plus a half dozen whose names I don’t have at my fingertips just now as I’m typing this.  In the sparkling

Crown8ambiance—both physical setting and conversations—it’s always Crown7interesting to come up with a new way to draw them.  Often they bring new friends. What fun! This is the best.

For Peter, Carla and Fred I had prepared a surprise, but that deserves a separate post.

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Crown8Crown7The tent seats 728. That was my calculation this year. Last year Peter also did the math but came up with a different number. Who’s Peter? Peter is one of my regulars at the Crown Picnic on the Wauconda farm. I’ve drawn him every year for the past twelve years, along with the others in my fan club. His wife, Carla, was facing another knee surgery in a couple of days.
Crown6That’s how we talk under that big tent, we tease, we joke and we gossip. Let’s gossip some more.
Last year Fred had just been laid off. I drew him, all grubby and raggedy, selling pencils. This year he has a job again. He’s an engineer, kind of on the fact-oriented side, and ahem, need we say more,  not the funniest guy you’ll ever have a drink with. But he’s employed, riding the wave again. So this year I drew him in form, looking suave and classy. Like Michael Caine in “Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels.”

Crown10Then there’s darling Brigid, who flies back to county Meath every year, where she owns the house she was born in. Every year, when I see her there at the picnic, I get up to hug her. A couple of years ago she sent me a silver and crystal Waterford mail openers from Ireland. She’s a dear. This year she’d been to Italy with a group, got sick in Rome, and such, but loved it all. Her eyes are fine after the lasik. We talk, I draw, it’s great.

For heart-to-hear talk, there’s Cheryl, whose brother stayed in Vegas this year, but her friend Susan did make it. And Cheryl’s daughter now has a boyfriend and they came to the picnic, sat there and nudged each other and giggled while I was drawing them.————-









Joan also came. She works in a bridal shop and has satirical observations about the illusions involved in that business. I always draw her verrrrry sasssssy.——————————

There are lots of people I remember from previous years and am getting to know better. I remember how I drew them last year and come up with something new this year.
You call this a job? What a privilege. I love every minute at the Crown Picnic. And when the deserts come out, the chocolate-raising-oatmeal cookies are to die for.






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Crown1 Crown2 Crown3 Crown4 IMG_6428 IMG_6429 IMG_6430 IMG_6431 IMG_6432 IMG_6433 IMG_6434 IMG_6435 IMG_6436 IMG_6437 IMG_6450 IMG_6451 IMG_6459 IMG_6460 IMG_6461 IMG_6462 IMG_6463 IMG_6464 IMG_6465 IMG_6466 IMG_6467 IMG_6468 IMG_6469 IMG_6470 IMG_6471 IMG_6472 IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6477 IMG_6478 IMG_6479 IMG_6481 IMG_6482 IMG_6483

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I’ve done the Crown Picnic in Wauconda for at least ten years and, like the other five or six caricaturists there, I have my fans. The same people come to sit for me year after year and they bring their friends. More than that, we actually hug when we see each other and I hear news about job changes, knee operations,how 14CrownBridgetAthe brother in Las Vegas is doing  and how the kids are progressing in their careers.
Above and at right, I’m showing Bridget. Her neighbor, Fred, had told me about how fast she pulled her red SUV into the driveway the other day. “On two wheels,” he said. Fred, an aeronautics engineer, was unemployed now because his company just moved to Florida, so he said I should draw him selling pencils on a street corner. So, I did.
The couple masquerading as the Flintstones…oh, well, a long story that has to do with making somebody else jealous. See? We’re old friends there at the Crown Picnic and we gossip, just as you’d expect.———————————————

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… most generous, most appreciative, most kind, most celebratory… classiest…best.  Ever.

It’s a six hour picnic. Here are a few of the dozens I drew that glorious afternoon.








































































































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