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Now we’re in Edinburgh. Indiana, that is.

Edinburgh, Indiana has been going all out lately to crank up its cultural rating in the area.  So naturally, there will be festivals of all sorts, including a September Fall Festival in the center of town, right next to the library.

Since moving to the Indianapolis area a year ago, I’ve enjoyed many surprises in Indiana. Edinburgh’s Fall Festival has to rank way at the top.  I have done many carnivals in my caricaturing career and seen many rides and carousels, but I have never seen rides like these.  Next time I’ll come early, just to get a turn sitting in TEACUPS  that go round and round.

Never a dull anything here. Mind you, I don’t have a flashy display to draw in customers. No display at all, in fact.  I just count on my drawings being spotted and that’s enough to pull in the crown.  As you can see, the ten-to-twelve year olds spontaneously took over as my agent, bringing me more and more friends to draw.

I was set up under a red tent, which my fans adjusted regularly to provide shade as the sun was setting.

Ah, Edinburgh, Indiana!

Thank you, SaraBeth!

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