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Monee7Forget the man who danced with his wife. I drew a finance man who Monee8drives up to LaSalle Street five times a week. From Monee. Monee! My host was a cardiologist names Srinivas whose twins we were celebrating on their first birthday. He also navigates I-57 from Monee and then the dare-you Dan Ryan all the time.
The caterers were fabulous. They were from Frankfort. Frankfort! I drew a couple from Frankfort and asked if there was life in Frankfort. “Oh, there’s plenty of life in Frankfort,” the woman assured me. Well, all kidding aside, small towns are not all that your Farmers’ Almanac says they are. I drew some self-assured young people who know all about tractors and go off to study business at college. I also drew a family from Glenview, walking distance from my house. Small world.

The world conjured up in the party tent was, however, anything but small. The assemblage of tents was huge; the shiny balloons of lions, gorillas, chimps, etc. were huge; the plush and exquisitely detailed Serengeti animals measured at least three feet. The chairs were zebra-ribboned. I have been to a party or two, you know, but this was, ermmm, wild! It was wild in its extravagance and generosity.

I drew thirty-eight people in full color in four hours. Amid much chatter, loved every minute. Here are some of them.
Srinivas, I looked it up, means Radiance in Sanskrit. Thank you, Dr. Radiance!

Monee12 Monee13
Monee11 Monee10
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Monee6Monee5Monee4I can recommend:
Caterer: Kristy Webber of Special Occasion Services, 708-307-0535, webber.kristy@yahoo.com. kristysos.com
Facepainter: Creative Face Art by Cheryl, 815-342-7330, onewolf2go@yahoo.com——————————————

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