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The Ki Company hired me to draw visitors to the Furniture Expo at the Merchandise Mart. They were featuring their “My Way” chair, which allows for many different ways of sitting. Some people did lounge extravagantly in this chair, but most people (and they were mostly women) just seemed glad to be able to sit down. I invented the toes pointing in the air, the Martini glass, and of course the cigarette. It was a nine hour day, with me taking two short breaks. The design atmosphere was visually stimulating and the parade of design oriented people made me feel I was among colleagues. A wonderful day! Thank you, Aiden. I’ll post about half of what I drew that day.—————————————-

KiChair32 KiChair31 KiChair30 KiChair29 KiChair28 KiChair27 KiChair26 KiChair25 KiChair24 KiChair23 KiChair22 KiChair21 KiChair20 KiChair19 KiChair18 KiChair17 KiChair16 KiChair15 KiChair14 KiChair13 KiChair12 KiChair11 KiChair10 KiChair8 KiChair6 KiChair4 KiChair3 KiChair2 KiChair1
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13Chun11Family, neighbors and friends congregated in this late-modernist home on Sheridan last Saturday afternoon to celebrate Parker’s first birthday.  I enjoyed being in the midst of people who cooed over babies and dogs. As a dyed-in-the-wool modernist, I also enjoyed the clean designs of furniture and lighting.  Straight ahead of me, behind the person I was drawing, were two Eames Chairs,  ahhh.  But I digress, it was really all about friendly chit-chat, catching up with what everybody was doing, excellent tacos and the laughter around my drawings.  I drew twenty one people in two hours.  Happy Birthday, Parker!  Thank you, Peter and Elaine!———————

13Chun5b 13Chun5 13Chun4b 13Chun4



13Chun16b13Chun1613Chun10b13Chun10 13Chun9b13Chun913Chun6b13Chun613Chun1713Chun17b


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