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13Lithuanian6bThe Grand Dukes is a night spot in Summit, at 63rd and S. Harlem.  (We’re not in Wilmette any more, Toto.)  The 13Lithuanian6owner was throwing himself a birthday party.  But I suspect every Friday night is party night at the Grand Dukes, every night for that matter, where the women are gorgeously tall and  leggy  and all the men are very relaxed.  The band was singing Lithuanian Rock and I think I heard Dylan in there somewhere, also in Lithuanian.  I drew twenty-two people in one-and-a-half hours, with great abandon, to reflect the ambiance.  Love this scene!  The pen just flows!  I hope the next time—and you did say there would be more parties like this, Andrew!—I’ll be allowed to work in color. The colors in this place are hard to resist.  Thank you, Andrew, and happy birthday!



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