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We were in the field house near Belmont by the lake, in a ballooned party room with yummy cupcakes, milk and juice.  Emmett was celebrating his first birthday and he got his drawing in color, but to maximize the number of people who could be drawn in two hours, everybody else got black and white drawings.  For a child’s birthday party, the parents often make that distinction.  I drew twenty-four people in that time.

Now for some shop talk:  Color is generally perceived to be more desirable. It’s true, I can use color to heighten the humor (VERY blond, VERY rosy-cheeked, VERY blue-eyed, etc.),  but  what people like to call the “essence” is already there in the line drawing in black marker.  I love working in both, color and black/white, but—trade secret—black/white is harder to do.  I love the intensity of working in b/w and I love the fact that I get to draw so many more people.

The guest of honor, Emmett, did not pose with his drawing because he was busy attending to his guests.

Happy Birthday, Emmett!

(A note about lighting:  The paper I draw on is white, but my camera read it as grayish.)

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