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Hard working employees deserve a couple of hours on the sunny patio.  They enjoyed food, games and caricatures by me. I drew twenty-eight people in two-and-a-half hours. Thank you, Caily!

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In this economy, it’s important to start every sentence with ‘”in this economy.”  That’s a line from a recent New Yorker cartoon.  It’s true, the economy has been effecting everyone for the past two years, including entertainers like caricature artists.  But, as a member of that group, I can now report that “in this economy” things are looking up.  People are again waking up to the fact that what we do—we caricature artists— is liven up a party in a most personal, hilarious way and, in the case of a business event, we boost morale.  It’s that simple.  Getting a drawing of yourself that looks like you but in a slightly goofy way will lift your spirit.  That may sound mysterious and unprovable, but I see it all the time. Saw it, for example, last Friday at a retirement home in downtown Evanston, The Mather.  The party was for the employees, the chefs, culinary workers, housekeepers, maintenance crew , accountants, receptionists and people in marketing, human resource and then, finally, the director of the whole operation.   Was this necessary?  No.  These people would have continued to report to work just as punctually as before and done their jobs just as conscientiously.  But when your boss throws you a party with fine food and fun cupcakes, music to dance to and an artist who will give you a picture of yourself, you will feel uplifted.  Oh, wait, I do have proof, I have pictures of these lovely people looking happy with their caricatures.  I drew twenty–five people that sunny afternoon.  A few of them are pictured below.

The Mather employee party was in the Mather garden under a white tent.  We had one of those October afternoons with a crisp blue sky and orange foliage all around.  Just two hours for an opportunity to take a breather from your work station and enjoy the fact that your boss appreciates what you do.  This is important.  If you’re an employer, please, take note.

I love seeing the reactions. That’s an important part of my work. And I’m pretty sure these drawings are framed by now.  They will be a source of enjoyment and inspiration for a long time to come.

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