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Imagine a front yard as big as a city park for neighborhood joggers: twelve times around and you’ve done your 3 miles.  To find such a yard in Indianapolis is thrilling enough, now add the post quarantine exhilaration of sharing this open greenery with a hundred and fifty ball tossing, laughing, chatting, singing, eating, and dancing newly liberated folk of all ages.  It’s an annual End-of-June bash for members and friends of a near-by Catholic church.  End-of-June?  Yes, indeed, some people will find any time of year, any month on the calendar as an excuse to have a wonderful get-together.

I shared a tent with a face painter and a balloon twister.  Smaller kids stood in line with a parent to have their wishes realized: lots of balloon dogs and star wars headgear and then vivid colors of a kitty face or a unicorn forehead.

School age kids were curious to see how I would portray them.  I never draw children ha-ha-funny.  I want to please them and, knowing that they themselves draw, I hope that my drawing will spark curiosity about how this expressiveness is achieved.

I only got to draw four adults.  You can see that here we get some ha-ha-funny.  Drawing adults is very different from drawing children. I love the psychological nuances of this business. When they see their drawing, adults will laugh out loud. A child will say, “Thank you, I like it.”

It was a wonderful afternoon.  Thank you, Chad!



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