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The International Hostel on Congress and Wabash asked me again to participate in their annual IntHostel20bcommunity day. There’s a Chicago Blues band and, ta-tah, me. It’s my third year there and I love it. Faces from all over the world—a face-person’s dream! Thank you, Sharday.
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IntHostel10b IntHostel10a IntHostel2a IntHostel2b IntHostel3b IntHostel4a IntHostel5a IntHostel5b IntHostel6a IntHostel6b IntHostel7a IntHostel7b IntHostel8a IntHostel8b IntHostel9a






















































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The wedding ceremony was held in Grant Park, near Buckingham Fountain.  The family then gathered in a private dining room in a fabulous and famed seafood restaurant on Grant near Michigan Ave.  There were forty people and I drew every one of them in three hours—and in color. This is a new record.  Something to crow about, I guess.  I’m sure the congenial atmosphere helped me pull this off, and the fact that everybody was completely at ease, to the point of teasing each other.  Believe me, this flows into the drawings.  I work very much with the whole ambiance of the event.

The first drawing (top) was of the bride and groom, with me inventing the casual clothing for the sake of color and also because they encouraged an informal atmosphere for their reception.  The drawing was then framed by a mat and placed on an easel, where all the guests signed it.  A lovely idea.

Thank you, Renee and Eric!

I’ll show some of the drawings here, omitting the mug shots because you already know from previous posts that the likeness I catch is right on.  I just want to document how distinctive the faces really are.  Please, take some time to study these drawings. There’s no generic way to draw a face—for me, anyway.  This is important.

That last couple encouraged me to pull all the stops and have fun with it.  I did and they loved it. So did everybody else.

And now a drawing of a little girl. Once again:  I draw kids with very different humor than adults.  This is also important.

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