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13SmithVill10It’s great to be invited back to this elegant retirement home at 113th and Western.  The kids and grandkids spend the afternoon and enjoy food and gifts and, of course, caricatures by that famous artist Whatsername.

13SmithVill10bIt was great to work in color on 11 x14 paper, which has the advantage of fitting four people on the same page while allowing for some expressive details.  I enjoyed this crowd. The conversations got pretty interesting—history, geography and the invention of the microscope.  I drew twenty-three people in three hours– in full color.

Thank you, Jayne and Emily!———————————-


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It’s the place to be and be seen on New Year’s Eve.  Fourteen-hundred Hoosiers can’t be wrong.

About eight years ago, some bright people at the Indiana State Museum in down town Indianapolis thought of throwing a New Year’s Eve party for parents and their kids.  There must have been some nay-sayers when this proposal was initially being evaluated, as in no-one-will-go-to-a-museum-on-New-Year’s-Eve.  It’s been a smashing success from the beginning!

Easy to see why.  The space is grand, made for major events, with a three-story atrium and a cross walk on the third floor, where I had the privilege of being set up to draw the party goers.  They were parents with school age kids, mostly.  The party goes from 6:00 to 9:00, with the balloon drop in the atrium at 8:00.  It’s spectacular, festive and, I’m sure, a fond memory when the kids are grown up.  Every city and town should have such a wholesome way of celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Thank you David, Katie and Petra!  I hope to gasp at that balloon drop again in 355 days. Class act! —————————————————————–

























































































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