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The family reunion will be held in Mississippi, on the Gulf.  A fellow Evanstonian was in charge of details, like booking the hotel for the hundred or so members of his extended family.  He also planned on printing up t-shirts with the image of the family tree, showing Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Hardy, who had sixteen kids.  William and I met in the public library, where I drew the venerable grandparents for him from precious old photos. He didn’t want a funny caricature, but having studied my work here on this blog, he could tell that I was able to work in different registers, with gradations of humor, including elegant and dignified.

He approved the faces on the spot.  I proceeded with the drawing of the knurly tree and the graceful name scroll.

Perfect, he said, better than expected.  This will look great on all those t-shirts!  Yes!  It’s wonderful to be part of such a project.  Thank you, William!

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