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The Crown Family Picnic is an annual event and I’ve been drawing caricatures there for the past seven years.  There are always six caricaturists with each artist developing a “following,” meaning a group of fans who come back year after year to be drawn.  People collect the drawings and, I’m told, frame them at home in a rec room or family room.  I have my own following.  I greet everyone by name and remember how I’ve drawn them in the past so that I can come up with something new this year.  My photo record is spotty –must be more thorough next year—so that I don’t have everyone to show off here.  But one of my all-time favorites is a couple I see every year there and with whom I exchange news about how life has been treating us. Here is how I’ve drawn this darling couple for the past five years.  I present to you, two people who inspire me,  Carla and Peter!

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