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Mama Mia

What to give the woman who has everything (and too much of some parts) and who is known to love partying in an uninhibited way and who also happens to be your boss and who you’re going to The House of Blues with tomorrow on her birthday along with a bunch of riotous friends.…hmm, what to give her,  let’s see,  what would make her throw her head back and laugh uproariously the way she tends to do…geez, good thing you’re friends, because what you’ve come up with for a gift is…THIS.

Marta is the nanny to Cecilia’s kids. So, technically, Cecilia is the boss. But who cares about that.   When Marta picked up this drawing today (done from photos)  she was delighted.  It really does look like Cecilia, she said. Right, that would be true of the face; the rest is,  errrrmm,  artistic license,  considering the alterations in the figure– all in accordance with fantasy specs.  Marta will present the drawing in a fine wooden frame, nicely sealed and behind glass.  That’s good, because at this birthday party the beverages will sparkle like the guest of honor.  Happy birthday, Cecilia! (Not her real name, but close)




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