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Mount Prospect. A big family get-together where the deck and the white tent were full of tables and food and drinks and the Greek gandmas  kissed the little ones and the guy in charge of the music was really going for the Beatles.  I felt privileged to work in such a warm atmosphere.  We were celebrating four birthdays.  It’s a tradition, I found out:  you have four kids and you throw one humongous party for all of them on one day.  When the cake came out—actually two, one white and one chocolate, and both predictably humongous—everybody sang “Happy Birthday” four times, one for each kid.  Maybe they also have individual birthday parties, but I didn’t find out about that, just that this family throws a lot of party, so yes, they probably do have individual birthday parties for each child.  Any excuse for a party is fine with me.  Happy Birthday Thano, Gia, Anastasia and Bobby!  Thank you, Julie.

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