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This was an international medical group, celebrating its expansion. Let’s see, what countries were represented? Egypt, Morocco, the Dermo2Netherlands, Germany, India, Thailand, Guatemala, Turkey , France and the US. A good looking bunch, btw. Add to the mix the fact that they were doctors, lawyers and marketing types and you get interesting conversations and the kind of humor that I thrive on. All right, class, what was the color associated with French royalty before the revolution? See? Someone immediately looked it up.
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Their husbands are executives in an international company and so they move around a bit. They talk about London, Rome or Rio as if these were neighboring suburbs.  Everybody speaks a handful of languages—fluently.  I drew thirteen of these cosmopolitan women, who came from India, Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Argentina, Belgium, Britain and the Faroe Islands.  I practiced a little French and German on them and asked to hear some Faroese, which sounds a lot like Swedish.    Art, culture, food…pretty good company, I must say.  They were celebrating the birthday of a member, the founder of this ex-pat club.  I drew them all in an hour-and-a-half and then was invited to enjoy some of their fabulous pot-luck.  Thank you, Jackie.  Happy Birthday, Eva!

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