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These nine-year old girls liked singing and hamming it up with a mike. OakPark2So the parents got a karaoke machine and threw a karaoke party. Of course, what else is there to do! Next year, they may be into something else. Go for it!
And then you do need to have them caricatured by that famous artist, Whatsername. Now, this is Oak Park and we’re a couple of blocks from the Frank Lloyd Wright House and we’re in one of those fabulous, spacious, oak-everywhere old homes that are perpetually in renovation. I loved everything about this gig. The architecture, yes, but also the fact that the kids were so wholesome and genteel and I got to draw them in this glammed up way. What a treat for everyone! Including me. Oh, I also drew the two brothers and the mom ‘n’ dad. Thank you, Chris!
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