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14FuddruckersAAt Fuddruckers in Highland Park you come as you are,  your sweats, your shirt hanging out, your hoodie. Not to worry, the table linen consists of paper towels on dowels. So, this was a very informal celebration of  Ayal’s 13th birthday and simultaneously his bar-mitzvah. I didn’t get a photo of my drawing of him, just got swept up in the excitement. The boys really did get totally involved. But enough, let me quote one of the uncles I drew after I had drawn all 14 boys:
“I was actually in a state of amazement over you sitting in a rolling sea of sweet and boisterous adolescent boys and as you worked, you appeared so very comfortable with them — laughing, taking in all that they were loudly proposing — laughing and responding as if you were truly enjoying them as much as they were enjoying you — because you were!! Honestly, it was so great to see. .. you are wonderful!”  Thank you, Uncle Bill.
Thank you, Rhonda.
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