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13RoseHoustonDogsPointingLast year I drew Rose Houston for a card she was sending out to her friends to let them know that she 12RoseHouston72had recovered from her surgery and was now back in the swing with full energy.  Not a hair out of place, as usual, she’s skateboarding and her two dogs are running along with her.  This year she has a new house and wants to send out Christmas cards showing her and the dogs as they are pointing to the house.  She needed the dogs redrawn in this pose.

To draw dogs in such a human gesture, I had to go for a cartoon version of them.  You can tell that one is a poodle and the other a skinny greyhound.  I had to push them into cartoon mode, complete with white gloves.  The white gloves on animals was a Disney invention:  the paw becomes a hand without anatomical weirdness. This convention has been around for seventy years and we’re used to it.  (Look , Mickey  and Bugs are doing things with his “hands.” )  Only with gloves can a dog be pointing.  Notice the other convention:   three fingers.

Rose loves the drawing. Thank you, Rose, for having a sense of humor about your darlings.

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