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Sometimes clients want a caricature, but, mmmm, not really.  They find me on the web or through references and when they study my drawings on my web site they can see that I have a way with faces.  They can see that some drawings are funnier than others and so they figure, she must be able to go really, really gentle, too.  And so I can.  I can draw on a sliding scale of funny.  Sometimes I even put it that way:  “on a scale from 1 (mild) to 10 (hilarious),  how funny do you want this?”  At 11:00 o’clock at an adult party in the solarium of a McMansion in Vernon Hills, say, things lean towards barefoot, yes-I’ll-have-another hilarity.  But for a gift, very often—though not always!—what the gift-giver commissions is a gentle drawing.  A little sassiness, sure, and certainly an animated, lively figure.  But hilarious? Mmmm, not so much.  So, when a marketing exec at Saks gets transferred to Indianapolis her coworkers in Chicago want a sweet drawing that they can frame with a mat that they all can scribble their names and best wishes on. Whatever the degree of humor you request, it’s all fun for me to draw.

Best to you, Brittany!

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