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That’s what they call themselves, “The Blockheads.” They all live on the same up-scale block, are all successful in business, are all above-average good looking , and own big dogs. They are intensely sociable. When one couple was retiring and planning to move to their country house in (where was that?) Kentucky, something had to be done. A party had to be thrown and a caricaturist had to be called in to draw everybody.
So that’s what I did. I came to the party and sketched everybody very quickly. I took notes on color of eyes, etc, and on their interests. Then, back in my studio, I assembled the heads on a large piece of paper and finished the drawing in color. It’s a well-practiced process, works very well.
When Jeanne, the organizer of The Blockheads, got the finished drawing in the mail, she emailed me: “…we can’t stop laughing.” A pretty nice going-away present, if I say so myself.
So that’s what I do!
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Your friends pack up and move to West Virginia, what can you possibly give them as a going-away present?  Right.  A caricature by that famous artist, whatshername.  The only question was, will they drive a funny, whacky, cartoonish car or something classy like a Cadillac.  I was told to go for the fins.

And red!  Thanks, Dan.  Best to you, Adam and Emily!

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.




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