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Silverado2For this grandparents day at the Silverado in Lake Zurich we had perfect weather, one of those glorious September days that feel like half summer and half fall. I drew kids and staff. A most enjoyable afternoon! Thank you, Michelle.
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Really, I was there.

“Paradise Senior Living” is the full name. You might think that’s a presumptuous name, hard to live up to, but this place really is quite wonderful: the grounds, the building, the décor inside, the staff and… the parties they throw.  Parties are good for your health, did you know that.  Well, certainly, parties of this paradisiacal kind:  live music with a cabaret singer belting out “Me and Bobby McGee” and  a superb DJ backing up Elvis.  That would be Elvis in the white suit with the white cape, that Elvis, the one with the hair and sideburns.  Top notch entertainment and these guys knew the residents by name because, well, did I mention that the Paradise throws a lot of parties.  And then there was a new addition to the parties, Caricatures by Katherine Hilden.  As you can see from the photos here, my drawings elicited uproarious laughter.  Laughter is good for you.  Seeing people laugh like that is very rewarding for me.  Thank you, Jill!

Shown here is a small sampling of the many (about 30) drawings I did in those three hours.  Another note:  I took the photos of the people at the moment they saw the drawing, holding the drawing in my left hand and the camera in my right.  They really do crack up and that’s the moment of truth.

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.





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