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13Gurnee1bThis is an early afternoon holiday party for a department in a large North Shore company.  The head of the department thought her crew deserved a fine meal and 13Gurnee1the dubious honor , haha, of being caricatured.  She wanted very personal drawings, reflecting quirks and personality traits.  The coworkers were encouraged to give me ideas, all in high spirits and with great enthusiasm.  In such an engaging atmosphere, the work is sheer pleasure and I’ll let the pictures document that feeling.  Some shots are blurry, because of the liveliness of this group.  When you see the top of someone’s head, you know that he was folded over with laughter after he’s seen the drawing. Priceless, really.  I drew seven-teen people in full color n two hours.  Thank you,  April!——————————-

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Love and Logic says it all.  It’s a way of raising responsible children without resort to physical, mental or emotional violence.  The fact that many of us can’t imagine any other approach is an optimistic sign of cultural evolution.  But, of course, it’s a very recent idea.

Kids Town Academy, a new preschool day care center, will open in the fall on Grand Road in Gurnee and will be dedicated to this enlightened approach to child rearing.  Talk to children in a way that makes sense and respects their integrity and yours.  Over this past weekend, the organizers of Kids Town Academy participated in Gurnee Days , a big two-day town celebration that included a parade, a talent show (“Gurnee Idol”) and acres of white tents in the park.  The founder of the school, Rick Duncan, had the good sense to bring in a caricaturist—me, yeah!—to draw and draw in the crowd.  No, not the crowd, just the little ones in the crowd.  The little ones…the really little ones…the belly button cuddlies…many of whom preferred to stick to their napping schedules…and the occasional sibling, already in school.   So, sitting still for the artist was not yet a meaningful skill.  Artist, what artist, this is not what life is about, pick up my pacifier, will you.  But then there were babies who were very curious about this set-up, where somebody looks straight at you for a couple of minutes.  Errr, a couple of seconds, more like it.  Drawing babies means being fast on the draw.  A glance, a quick read of the shape and color of the eyes, positioning of the ears, the pouty bow of the mouth.  And a quick read of the personality.  Oh, yes, at a few weeks there’s already a personality.  Fascinating.  The family dynamics, fascinating.  The whole gig up there in Gurnee, fascinating.   And the sounds from the nearby band shell, where twelve-year olds were noodling through complex chord changes in the hope of winning the “Gurnee Idol” title—sweet.  Thank you,  Rick, Christine and Lynette!  http://www.kidstownillinois.com     http://www.loveandlogic.com


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