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This was a bat-mitzvah at Hackney’s in Glencoe.  I drew thirty-five teenagers in three hours.  That’s a clipping pace, which was made possible by the mom’s excellent organization of the event and her decision to go with black-and-white drawings. When the host’s emphasis is on getting the most people drawn, b/w is the logical choice.  Notice, also, that the bodies are not in activities, which also take extra time to draw.  But what I did get into the drawing is attitude, don’t you agree.  Attitude is so important in a caricature!  Especially with kids, where I really don’t do sarcasm.  That would be psychologically risky for young people, I think, and I’m not there to poke them into self-doubt.  (Save that for adults, hmmm.)

Thank you, Keri!

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A small company in Glenview specializes in skylights.  How small?  Small enough to fit everybody into the party room at Hackneys on Lake and be drawn—with spouses—by that caricaturist, what’s her name, that famous one. But big enough to have clients in two-hundred-and fifty-nine cities.  I remember that number as the correct answer to one of the questions in the quiz game planned by the owner, who’s energy and wit is reflected in his  name—Buff.  He’s a math-and-science guy who also has perfect pitch in social encounters and in running the human relations of his company.  I enjoyed all his people, who seemed to have interesting and interested lives, with several of them being serious musicians.  Yeah!  Thank you, Buff and Jeff!

I’ll post a few of the pictures from that evening here.

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