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It was a home health care organization and one of the relatives threw a big bash at his house and driveway to 13FreemanAhonor these hard working people.  Big bash in a small, but superbly remodeled home.  We’re in Evergreen Park, across the street from a park where two baseball games were underway on this Saturday afternoon.  I drew 21 people in 2 hours.  The pace was unhurried everyone had a hearty sense of humor and you can tell from the photos that people got tickled by these drawings. Thank you, Dominic!

13FreemanSetUpBtw, my set up is compact, about 4’ square.  Here’s what it looked like in Dominic’s living room.

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A healthcare company’s sales team  was  being treated to dinner by the president and the top sales people got awards.  Everybody got a caricature by that well- known artist, what’s her name.  Dinner at Opa’s in Vernon Hills was all about Greek delicacies and the view to the lake and the rolling lawns was soothing.  It’s always a pleasure.  Thank you, Janet!

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