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Dad has always played Hockey, loves it, follows the games, is a huge Blackhawks fan and is turning eighty.  His kids want to let him know that he’s a winner.  What better way to say that than to SHOW it—really, in a picture.

Now, the Stanley Cup is almost three feet high and weighs 34.5 lbs.  Holding it over your head after a victory is obviously very impressive and makes for a striking photo op.

The initial idea was to show him holding the Stanley Cup over his head.  In the art of caricature, the convention calls for the head being as big as the rest of the body and that means the arms will be too short to reach the top of the head.  Better not. Better have him leaning against the thing. This turned out to work very well, because it makes him, not a bragging, arm pumping kind of winner, but a gracious, easy, did-it-again kind of winner.  Yeah, dad, happy birthday!  Thumbs up!

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