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IMG_5506This was a classy party at Stonegate in Hoffman Estates. The birthday boy’s hair was moussed up and he wore a tweed jacket and a bow tie. The women were aglitter. The men, of course, came in jeans. But overall, a carefully planned party with lots of entertainment. I felt lucky to be asked back, having done the mom’s baby shower the year before. As often happens at kids parties, I’m asked to draw the birthday child in color and then switch to black/white for everybody else.  Thank you, Sana and Cathi.
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lastThe drawings go fast. I only need to look at the face for a few seconds and then maybe again for a few seconds.  All in all the likeness is down withing a minute.  People seem to pick up on that and then go back to business as usual, as you can see here.  Haha, it’s always interesting.

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