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ElmurstLibrABHow can librarians show kids that their library is totally awesome? At the Elmhust Public Library they start with a fabulous building that looks tempting just from the outside. Inside, the children’s library looks magical. As if that weren’t enough this library brought in a face painter, cartoonists, illustrators and that famous caricaturist, Whatsername. It was a Saturday morning, the light streamed in from the high arched roof and I drew thirty-three people in two hours, mostly grammar school aged kids.
Some kids came in costumes, like Princess Leah and Spiderman, but Elmhust2mostly it was about sports and just I-want-to-see-how-you’re-going-Elmhust1to-draw-me. Or me and my best friend.  It was quite a wonderful morning. Let’s face it, librarians are the best. Ok, let’s look that up. So I googled “are librarians the best?” This is what I got:
For those of you who are fascinated by Manga and Japanese and Chinese illustration, here’s the artist who was at the Elmhurst Library event:
Addie Afable, artisticdragon.com, addie@artisticdragon.com. 847-877-8785
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