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InnsbrookAInnsbrookBThis Mardi Gras honors the professionals and volunteers who make the Methodist Hospitals in northern Indiana so renowned. It is a gala event. I love this party and this year was the third time I was invited to participate. Here’s a small sample of my work that fabulous evening.  Thank you Mary and Rafael! I hope there will be many more Mardi Gras.
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The entertainment was classy.  Make no mistake, this juggler was a great wit, a true theater person, who brought out the best in people.


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14AkibaSchechterAAs is customary at benefit parties, there were long tables with fabulous things to bid on. But you also 14AkibaSchechterBhave to have a caricaturist. Moi! I was pleased to be part of the entertainment along with magician Randy Bernstein and stilt-walker, juggler Ken Schultz. This was a posh but very relaxed fundraising bash for an orthodox Jewish school in Hyde Park. Members of the community also performed: violin, piano and a polyphonic vocal group. Great fun! Thank you, Debbi.———————-

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We’re AT not ON Bourbon Street. It’s a huge eatery-entertainment complex in the Marionette Shopping Center on 155th Street.  The South Shore Humane Society was hosting an 13HumaneSociety10animal adoption party earlier this month and I was there for five hours to draw the kind people who came.  People did walk around with dogs wearing “adopt me” bandannas and I drew some, but the adoption activity was centered in another room and so I ended up drawing mostly people.  Here are a few of the many I drew that afternoon.  Thank you, Jana!  I hope to be back next year.



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I can highly recommend two fellow entertainers at this event:Nick Connell, balloon twister : nick.balloons@gmail.com, 860-992-6967

Bob Hunt, juggler, stiltwalker, etc.: circusboy.com, 708-499-9880.  His interaction with the audience was wonderful, especially with the kids.  Here’s nine-year-old, Terry, who picked up some excellent juggling tips from the master.

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