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Just labels, you say?  Oh, no. Labels are a huge industry.  Who knew.

I worked for an international Swedish company at the Rosemont convention center last week. The whole place was swarming with experts on printing machines, color nuances, adhesives and whatnot related to big and small labels.  I drew dozens of people from dozens of countries, but only took a few pictures of my work.  Because it was a business atmosphere, you understand.

Notice that the lower left corner holds a sticker—a label, ta-tah–identifying my client, because that’s the real message we’re trying to get across here.  Notice, also, that I drew right over the label, not much but just enough to make sure it stays on there when people frame the drawing for their office. BTW, labels are much more economical  than pre-printing the paper and they can hold a lot of information–and in color.

People liked the drawings so much that they occasionally showed me photos of kids or girlfriends on their phones.  Sure, I can do that, too.  In that case, I drew on paper that I hadn’t stuck the sticker on.  Everybody went home happy.

Thank you, Cornelia!

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