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13AvisFinal4Or Cody and Fynn!

This was the cover of an 8”x10” Christmas card.  It’s an adaptation of Bill Watterson’s classic Calvin and PostcardHobbes stamp.  I’ve done many Christmas cards, but this one is truly awesome.

When you open the card, you get five Calvin and Hobbes strips with this Lake Bluff family playing the characters in the comic strip.  I worked from photos of the family and never met them.  I really had only one angle of the dad’s face and the girl’s face to work with.  For mom and the boy I managed to also get profiles.  At first I was worried that the dad always looking directly out at the viewer (instead of at the scene in front of him) would not work.  But to my surprise, it works wonderfully.  It’s

13AvisFinal5uncanny, how  the strip with the car is even funnier because dad is looking straight at us in his utter confusion.

What a clever idea! This was a rewarding project for me.  Thanks Bob and Cindy!

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