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From Prospect Heights I drove directly downtown, taking LaSalle Street to avoid the distaste of Taste of Chicago.  A movie was being shot with the Board of Trade as the backdrop, like The Untouchables except this was all about touching.  A bride was puckering up to kiss her kneeling new husband. Camera men circling around. Ah, I love this town! Traffic was barely slowed by this.  Then I noticed the bridesmaids near the columns of Northern Trust.  Ermmm, not a movie scene after all.  This was a real wedding.  I love this town!


The party on South Dearborn was equally glamorous. My hostess, the mother of the groom,  flew in from Washington DC.  The mother of the bride flew in from Las Vegas.  The wedding will be in (where did they say?) I think, California or Hawaii.  Much of the family is from the Midwest.  So, natch, you gotta throw the bridal shower in Chicago.  That’s because you love this town!

Thank you, Lou Ann!———————————————


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